Content Strategy & Creation

You made the investment in deploying Digital Displays to communicate with your customers, but now comes the hard part; who is going to create the content, who is going to manage it, and what are you going to do to keep it fresh and relevant?

Producing your own content is a time consuming, labor intensive and expensive process. Flat lifeless content that looks like it was created with random clipart or images pulled from the internet can simply send the wrong message and quickly render your investment useless. Stale and orphaned messages can confuse and frustrate your customers, fortunately all these risks that can be avoided.

Sure, there are services that sell content, or maybe provide you with some basic templates to modify, but it’s still up to you to develop a compelling message. Let’s face it, perception becomes reality, and if your message is stale, dull or irrelevant, people will take notice.

Our videos, static images and Cinemagraphs are professionally mastered by our specialists who have decades of experience in multimedia design and creation. And in just a few clicks, new content can be displayed on your screens across multiple locations. This means you can instantly and effortlessly update your campaign materials at whatever time, day or date you wish. By having the ability to play back multiple assets, you have the ability to create and schedule an infinite sequence of desired messages that can be played back to targeted screens within your digital signage network.

Content Strategy & Creation

  • LED video walls

    Professional content production

    We specialize in graphic design, creative services, media production for digital signage.

  • LED video walls

    Customized Projects

    If you can imagine it, we can create it. Specialty videos and content is our passion.

  • LED video walls

    We don’t suck

    We do not use templates that look flat and lifeless, and neither should you.

  • LED video walls

    Real marketing experience

    We know and understand how to identify a brand and to grow it.

Did you know?

Our digital menu boards are installed in over 600 Restaurants in nine different countries

84 percent of retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness

Our system is installed in 85 locations for a major shoe store across Europe

We delivered over 253 screens across 4 video walls to a museum.

We drive over 300 screens for the BP Gas Station Network.

Digital signage captures 400 percent more views than static signage

Out of 1.6 million shoppers, 77 percent engaged with a digital screen showing animated content.

76 percent of American consumers would enter a store that they’ve never visited based solely on the appeal of its signs

Over 80 percent of the information we take in comes to us through our eyes.

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words

Outlynx is capable of providing complete Digital Signage solutions for businesses operating in chain models such as retail, fast foods, financing institutions, and other consumer products sectors.

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