Digital signage platform

Distributing and managing content across multiple screens and multiple locations is a critical part of running a successful digital signage network.

Our Content Management System (CMS) not only monitors the state and health of your digital media players, but it also manages the content based on any schedule you desire, a geographic location, market appetite, or any other factors you define.

Give us the frequency, time, date or duration that the message needs to play and well make it happen. Tell us about a special promotion, or a product launch and we’ll make sure it’s there exactly at the right time – no more missing, orphaned or expired content.

The best device management platforms are very powerful tools that collect information on the devices, report that data and are able to take action.

Digital signage platform

  • LED video walls

    Activity Validation

    The successful download and playback of media assets.

  • LED video walls

    Player Status

    Health status of the media player including free disk space, memory usage, CPU utilization, network status, scheduled media content, etc.

  • LED video walls

    Active Monitoring

    Screenshots of what a media player is playing to ensure everything is working as expected.

  • LED video walls

    System Reliability

    Updating components of the system: software updates for media players and firmware updates rebooting the device, etc.

Did you know?

Our digital menu boards are installed in over 600 Restaurants in nine different countries

84 percent of retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness

Our system is installed in 85 locations for a major shoe store across Europe

We delivered over 253 screens across 4 video walls to a museum.

We drive over 300 screens for the BP Gas Station Network.

Digital signage captures 400 percent more views than static signage

Out of 1.6 million shoppers, 77 percent engaged with a digital screen showing animated content.

76 percent of American consumers would enter a store that they’ve never visited based solely on the appeal of its signs

Over 80 percent of the information we take in comes to us through our eyes.

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words

Outlynx is capable of providing complete Digital Signage solutions for businesses operating in chain models such as retail, fast foods, financing institutions, and other consumer products sectors.

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